The Bear Who Shared

norris-coverPatience is a virtue

The bear with a big heart (named Norris in the English version) has been waiting patiently for a special fruit called a ‘Ploringe’ to fall from the tree. Tulip the raccoon and Violet the mouse are waiting too…but not so patiently!

The joy of sharing

This  lovely story about kindness and friendship teaches little children about one of life’s major lessons. After enjoying this book with my three year old son he went to get a piece of fruit, gave me half and said, « You can be the bear and I’ll be the raccoon! »

Catherine Rayner’s charming and unique illustrations bring the cute characters to life, and the simple language entices the reader to find out what happens next. A book like this, with clear pictures and fewer words is also perfect for reading out loud to a group of children.

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Read award winning author and illustrator Catherine Rayner’s biography to find out what inspired her stories at



Lecture à haute voix en anglais par l’auteure

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