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Maman Renard by Amandine Momenceau

COUV-RENARDS_21KOAt the edge of the forest, Mother Fox observes her four little foxes frolicking in the snow. It is Winter, but on this day the sun is shining. In an instant she loses sight of them. She searches for them, but between many trees and the deep snow, it’s not easy to find them… »Où sont mes petits renards? »

Maman Renard by Amandine Momenceau (published by L’Agrume, 2015) is an exquisite children’s book with a tender story and large bold pictures featuring page cut-outs to encourage discovery. Children won’t be the only ones who enjoy this beautiful book, adults who love good illustration and design will appreciate it too.

maman_renard_interieur2_mThe French word for « Fox » hasn’t crossed our path very often and has been a hard one to remember, but after reading Maman Renard a few times we now know it! The words in the story are simple and perfect for young children and beginners of the French language.

About the author

Amandine Momenceau was born in 1987 and graduated with a master of graphic arts. Her research on the creation of children’s books led her to discover different ways of reading a picture book, but mostly, she discovers a growing passion for the book as an object and the technique of paper cut.


Inspire paper-cutting in your family by trying out some of these activities on the Mum Junction Website: 10 Simple Paper Cutting Art and Craft Ideas for Kids .

You may like to cut out animal shapes as part of a story or create fun 3D cut outs.

En savoir plus : L’article en français de Véronique

Mo Willems Bilingual

I’m always pleased to find good children’s books that have been published in both English and French. It’s so helpful for checking any French words we don’t know, and compare the use of language.

pigeon_needs_bath_lgSo, I’m very grateful that Véronique recently introduced us to Mo Willems’ books! In particular, at home we have enjoyed reading the pigeon stories including, ‘The Pigeon Needs a Bath’ / ‘Le pigeon a besoin d’un bon bain’.

The pigeon is very dirty, but he refuses to take a bath, saying ‘Je n’ai pas vraiment besoin d’un bain!’ (‘I don’t really need a bath!’). But perhaps you can convince him to…

Mo Willem’s simple illustrations of the pigeon are full of character and expression, which appeals to my son. He’s also very amused by the witty humor of the pigeon’s antics, and how the pigeon addresses the reader (which actually makes the story interactive!).

We have read these over and over, and tonight, my son asked for « the French version please » which is a good sign. We had fun saying « PLOUF! » (« SPLASH! ») loudly.

Petit testeur de 3 ans et demi

About the author

Mo Willems is an American writer, animator, and creator of children’s books. You can find out more and have fun on his website

More pigeon fun

As well as following Pigeon’s Tweets, you can download the Pigeon App  which features stories, drawing and more.

Pop-up Zoo

POP-UP ZOO, by Martine Perrin, was a hit with my son (3.5 years old) immediately! We haven’t had a lot of pop-up books before now because I presumed they would get ripped quickly, so animals leaping out of the page was a big novelty, and resulted in squeals of joy.


I love the stylised design and bold colours of this board book. And as well as learning some new French words, there was a simple mystery to solve…who took the zoo-keeper’s keys?

About the Author

Martine Perrin’s trained as an architect and explains how she incorporates that into her children’s books, « In architecture school, I learned how to learn, to look, to amaze me, to wonder, to organize, to imagine, to have intentions and cope with stress. I make albums as objects, to try to convey to children and toddlers pictures as spaces that are added to or subtracted or hide or deceive the reading, to offer them another look. » (Source:


On Martine Perrin’s delightful interactive website children can experiment with colours and designs on animal pictures with her online colouring tool.